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Which machine should I choose?

Choosing the right machine for the job is crucial, and we always help our clients pick the right machine for us to bring out. Generally the skid steer mulcher is geared towards single day brush clearing jobs. If you can fit both hands together around the tree chest high that is about the maximum size for the skid steer mulcher. The high horsepower dedicated mulchers  handles larger projects both in terms of acreage and tree size.

Here are a few examples of common scenarios and which machine to choose

  • Clearing 1 acres of brush and saplings around mature oaks -> Skid Steer Mulcher
  • Clearing a home site of all cedar trees and underbrush ->  Dedicated Mulcher
  • Clearing half and acre of underbrush and 4 inch diameter trees -> Skid Steer Mulcher 
  • Clearing 5 acres of underbrush and saplings -> Dedicated Mulcher
  • Right of way clearing for road or utilities -> Dedicated Mulcher
  • Clearing 10 acres of invasive trees -> Dedicated Mulcher
  • Clearing in a residential area with road crossings or curb crossings -> Skid Steer Mulcher
  • Clearing larger trees -> Dedicated Mulcher


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Here is break down of the Cost To Clear Land:

When it comes to forestry mulching we make pricing and quoting easy. We offer two specialty types of forestry mulchers to meet all of our customer’s needs.

Skid Steer Mulcher

  • $2500+- Daily
  • Able to clear trees up to 6 inches in diameter and all under brush
  • Compact and very maneuverable
  • Works well in tight spaces
  • Rubber tracks can be driven on pavement and over curbs
  • Clears 0.5-2 acres a day on average
  • Perfect for underbrush, smaller lots, tight residential spaces, and affordable one day clearing jobs.
  • Fine mulch
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High Horsepower Dedicated Mulcher

  • $3500 Daily
  • Able to clear trees of any size
  • 8 foot wide cutting head
  • Capable of clearing 2+ acres per day
  • Our most powerful machine offers unmatched mulching power
  • Incredibly fine mulch that decomposes quickly

Komatsu D61EX Dozer

  • $2500 Daily
  • Pond Construction
  • Mesquite and Cedar Grubbing
  • Home Pad Construction
  • Grading
  • Driveways
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Why forestry mulching?

  • By eliminating the trees and brush where they stand there is not need to pile up, haul off, or burn the unwanted trees and brush.
  • Forestry mulchers on compact track loaders are able to operate on steep terrain and will disturb the land and soil much less than large dozers and wheeled loaders.
  • By leaving a nutrient rich mulch on the ground you are left with a natural erosion barrier and over time grass will begin to grow through the mulch.

How long is a “day” and what can I expect during that time?

A day begins early usually your operator will arrive around 7-8am. We generally like to meet land owners on site and take a few minutes to go over the project and goals. From there we are off to the races. Our operators are very skilled and will run the machine without breaks until around noon where they will take a 30 minute lunch break and give the machine a break.

From there we finish out the day after 8 machine hours, this is usually around 4PM. At that time we will meet again with the land owner and see if any additional tasks need to be completed in the last hour. Remember we are here for you, if you want that old cedar down by your shed now is the time to do it! We will usually begin loading equipment up between 4:30 and 5pm.

Are there any other fees or charges I need to be aware of?

We use this pricing model to keep everything simple and save each of us time and money! We do charge a mobilization fee depending on your location.

What payment methods do you take and how is that handled?

We take check, cash, card, bank draft, paypal, venmo, cash app, and bitcoin. Remember, our goal is to make this entire process as painless and convenient as possible. Give us a call, pick a machine, book a date, sit back and watch us transform your land!

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